Game Development

Welcome to the game development page! I do all of my game dev work in roblox, and so you can visit all of my games and play them! I will have my games listed below and also a link to my calendar of what games I will be developing over the summer.

My Plan for the summer:

Week 1 – Jul 3Camera – focus on camera movement, camera effects, and different states
Week 2 – Jul 10Movement – Customize movement to make it more stylized/complex
Week 3 – Jul 17NPCs – Create different NPCs, ones that give quests, ones that try to attack you, ones that help you, and et cetera
Week 4 – Jul 24Artstyle – focus on a single artstyle when making your game and stylize everything
Week 5 – Jul 31Cutscene – Make a short movie and incorporate a lot of animation
Week 6 – Aug 7Combat – Not just point your gun and shoot it, combat should have different states and be fleshed out (ie. actual ADS, melee attacks, light attacks, heavy attacks, etc)
Week 7 – Aug 14Sounds – Incorporate music and sound effects (make them yourself!)
Week 8 – Aug 21Character – Make expressive and distinctive characters, with a lot of movement and animation