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Dummy Ops

My first serious attempt at a FPS game, and the game I put the most work into overall. The game includes 6 weapons, 3 maps, and 2 teams battling against each other in a team deathmatch setup. Feel free to play my game with friends, and find it on roblox with the link below (the game also has mobile support!).

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Stranded on Roaka

A more relaxed hangout-y game. My goal for Stranded on Roaka was to make the game more similar to the game Infinite Road Trip, where players just hang around and talk, build structures, and eventually escape the island. I also intended the game to be for two kinds of players: those that want to take the game slow and build everything that the island has available, and the player who wants to speedrun the game, and get off the island as fast as possible. Lastly, I tried to make the game very simple and predictable, with no weird mechanics that would make it buggy, and as a result, the game is available to computer, mobile, and console! So, if you want to play it, the link is below…

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Cliff Game for Chillin’

This game in many regards is very similar to Stranded in Roaka, it being a slow-paced game where you just chill out and talk with others, with a focus on ambience and atmosphere. The game has the player stationed in a tent on the side of a mountain, with nothing to do but just hang around, and the things to do consist of sitting in a beanbag chair, drinking soda, watching TV, and looking at the landscape. A unique feature I implemented in this game was the walkie-talkie, which allowed players to communicate to each other from different servers, making it a kind of global chat. With that, feel free to check out my game down below!

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Tuvalu VS Sweden: The Final Showdown

Flying games are really cool to me, and so it was definitely fun to make and playtest this game. I have played other games like war thunder and battlefield and playing with airplanes is one of my favorite things to do in those games. Tuvalu VS Sweden used mechanics that were easy to implement and were not a huge headache like what I try to do for other games, and so even though it has it’s quirks, it’s still fun to play and was fun to make. If you want to try it out, use the link below!

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Floodplains Idea

I didn’t get super far in the development of The Floodplains, but I still did implement some notable mechanics. The essentially takes place in the roblox version of Louisiana, and was inspired by Mors Longa, a mod for Teardown. The game implemented procedural generation of buildings, and also makes use of many food items that I went into high detail for in terms of texture work (my favorite is the chicken nugget box). If you want to check out this game, its linked below.

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The Squeesher

One of the older games that I made when I was starting out on roblox coding, The Squeesher is a small game where you step into a chamber and, well, get squeeshed. Not much else to say about this game, but if you want to play it, the link’s down there⬇

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Up but not a movie

This is the game that started up my interest in roblox scripting. The game takes place in a two story house being lifted in the air by a large balloon. As the name of the game entails, it takes some pretty obvious inspiration from the movie Up. The two parts that are scripted are the bed and the door, both on the 1st floor, which I used tutorials to make. The game itself is not super feature dense, but it is something like a piece of history for my game development, so if you want to play it, the link’s below!

Play Here

And of course, I’ll be making new games, so this list will be everchanging with more games being added over time!